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Post  Admin on Mon Mar 23, 2009 6:00 am

well i will admit it is sad and humorous that i am a 15 year old kid who still fantacizes about new pokemon games. apparently since i reserved it and was one of the first 100 people to pick it up i got a free giratina figure but aside from that the game is good

new features have been added (such as a back button to the poketch. NO more going through all 20 apps to get to a certain one!) also the storyline begins differently (apparently the end does also but...i can neither prove that yet nor do i wan to ruin it for you {and me}) The same thing as all of them though. u know u get to choose from 3 pokemon in the begining but the best thing is that you do not have that you do not get it through the first battle thing (through a series of events you no longer have to fight a first pokemon battle that does not attack you!) this picks up the games pace. also some story parts have been edited and added along with the addition of some new characters and POKEMON! thouhg the new people adn pokemon are few it still makes the game feel new along with some of the gyms that have bee completely changed. so far i have 2 badges on 3/23/09 and only the second one has been changed but i hear there are at least 3 more that are changed.

The wi fi. what can i say the GTS is now about 5 floors and there is also a wi fi park in the pokecenters! the park i had to try for myself and in the end is absolutely amazing. There are people from around the world, toys that you can share with other players, multiplayer minigames, and (your sessions here are timed) at the end everyone can participate in a little parade. I had to go at least twice yesterday and had a lot of fun (mostly because i was like the only american online and i kept wining the minigames. ) all in all this game packs a whole lot of new features that help make it feel not like an expansion but more like it's own game.

overall rating- 9.3- i cannot give it a deserving 9.5 mostly because i am sure not everyone would agree with me. also since it is almost a remake of a game that is not even 1 year old i have to take that into account

my personal rating-9.65 Very Happy

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