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The Dormin

Post  IceLemur on Tue Jan 27, 2009 5:25 pm

WARNING: Contains spoilers for Shadow of the Colossus.
The Dormin in SotC is a complicated entity that very clearly consists of numerous entities combined into a single being. This being strikes a deal with "Wander" (his name is not remembered, he never sought to make a legend for himself) that he will revive Mono if Wander defeats the sixteen colossi scattered across the world, even after Dormin says he may not be able to revive her and warns of dire consequences, Wander does not care and immediately sets out to defeat the Colossi.
It becomes clear by the end of the game that the dark tentacles that come out of the colossi as they are defeated is the essence of Dormin, and thus it is clear that the essence of Dormin was split into sixteen and scattered throughout the land. But why?
The shaman Emon is able to seal Dormin with a simple ten second incantation and throwing the sword of light into a man made pool of water at the shrine of worship. Why should an ancient society that has the capability to create massive stone structures making the pyramids look like a child's hobby have to elaborately seal away this neigh all-powerful entity in sixteen parts that allowed him to be resurrected by one determined enough to defeat the colossi?
Dormin is "Nimrod" spelled backwards, a reference to the tower of Bable story (he was the lead architect), and he can understand Wander, highly unlikely for a spirit isolated for the last few hundred years, leading me to believe that he has the power of tongues. After the failure of the tower, Nimrod's body was split apart. Dormin speaks in a giant temple, that appears to be unfinished, or at least in serious need of repairs. It is clear that the temple was made for the resurrecting spell, in part due to the altar that seems to be made for such a purpose.
Dormin was not the lead architect, he is what is left of the people. He is many condensed into one, he is surrounded by what was at one time a bustling city, most likely a capital of a great empire, and something was being built. The city-fortress that could easily be defended contains labyrinth-like mountain passes that would stop any army in their tracks.
It was the tower of Bable, they were building the tower of Bable, the shrines that are spread about outline the architectural structure of the tower on a small sized scale. But the empire fell, and rebels found a way to lay siege to the great capital, and in their desperation, what was left of the people came together and condensed themselves into a single great being. But the invaders turned the heart of the city, the Shrine of Worship, into a weapon that they used to shatter this great being, and they succeeded. However, the collective soul of Dormin remained at the temple, while their power was scattered across the once great city and, with out the human souls that gave it purpose, the Colossi took on an animalistic nature, each unique. The invaders then tried to destroy the Colossi, eliminating the threat of Dormin forever, but they were unable to destroy any of them. Thus they retreated, abandoning the city to the elements, labeling it "forbidden land."
As all stories passed on through word of mouth, the knowledge of the Colossi was lost and Dormin's power was exaggerated.
The reason Emon's spell was effective was because it was temporary, Dormin simply began a age long slumber, a little of its essence remaining in Wander perhaps as a parting gift. Perhaps as a way to return in the child with horns. Mono and the miraculously surviving Agro then went to the garden above the temple (which I have dubbed Eden) with the child to live as long as they can.
Here the story of the Dormin takes a short respite, until they return. Maybe to finish what they started.

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