theory 7 (chrono trigger dream devourer)

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theory 7 (chrono trigger dream devourer)

Post  Admin on Wed Jan 21, 2009 12:37 pm

first things first i must have this posted definitely


definitely a spoiler alert here if u really do not want to ruin a most epic final and new ending to chrono trigger turn back but for those about to rock i salute you.

i have just completed every ending in chrono trigger ds. while each ending is epic none so are more epic than the dream devourer, a remake and harder version of lavos

the boss may sound like a horrible idea but the appearence of SCHALA is included in the fight,closing up one of the most thought about questions of the chrono series (unless you played chrono cross) this ending i thought would ruin the second game but indeed it gave it more depth. i felt terrible as magus went to try and kill himself!!!!! all because he could not save schala from an eternal demise. this ending also reveals something if examined closer...

the result of the dream devourer is THE END OF TIME! that is why that place exists because it is the place of non existence. although it sound kinda wierd that is what haPPENED. the dream devourer destroyed everything showing it is much more than lavos who ALMOST destroyed the human race.

i completely enjoyed this new ending as it bridged the already far off sequel to the original game. I wacthed as this ending led to the destruction of Guardia 1005 AD
thats right the entire ending of the game is messed up. in actuality though it is the true ending if you link it to the sequel. i only wish i could see the new world i just destroyed. Almost as much as why i wonder why i became magus in a different endingin conclusion to my random things i say the new ending is completly amazing and answers many burning questions. although i tried not to ruin it too much i hope you still try to defeat it if not there is always the you tube video i was half tempted to watch before i beat the boss (which i did not watch i actually did beat the boss)

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