Mushroom Men; The Spore Wars

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Mushroom Men; The Spore Wars

Post  IceLemur on Tue Jan 20, 2009 5:40 pm

Well, I decide I needed to change up my format a bit
Mushroom Men
System: Wii
Genre: Adventure
Style: Scavenger hunt, puzzle
After a meteor shower, a strange green dust settles on the country side, scientists say it has no effect on terrestrial life, but they were wrong. The green dust brought all sorts of things to life, mushrooms, cactus, and even some vines. The four types of mushrooms quickly divided into four tribes based on type.
You are the last survivor of a mushroom tribe that was all but wiped out. You have no knowledge of your home or family and wander around the country side until you come across a village and absorb their meteor chunk, at which point you go to find them a new one.
Well, its okay, it doesn't play a huge role in the game, and is mediocre at worst, good at best. Nothing too unconventional about it, but it is a tried and true story.
At first glance it seems to be put together pretty carelessly, which is perfect as you explore cluttered sheds and messy trailers. However as you travel through it, it is revealed to be a carefully constructed labyrinth that will have you staring baffled at a simple extremely high jump while you try to figure out what to use to get up there. Unusual world is different from what you're used to, after all you are three inches tall (I maintain you are only one). Everything looks pretty different (I though the water tower was an alien spaceship for a sec.) from down there, but will have you trying three things before you really get it.
Art Direction:
Les Claypool really puts together a fitting soundtrack for this world, primarily because it is a little different from anything you've heard. Yet it fits perfectly, there is nothing more to say than that. It fits perfectly.
First of all, you will kill very few big enemies with your weapon, you do everything from crushing them with a set of gym weights to hitting them with acorns. Warning to you: enemies are as fast, if not faster than you on the draw, do not sit their and try to counter, you will fail. I ended up using a hit and run strategy (until they cornered me, then I pulled out the flamethrower Twisted Evil ). They said I had some sort of ability I could use on enemies, but I never figured it out. It will make you change up you usual gameplay strategy from Zelda, though.
I give it an 87%
A fun game, nothing to make it bad, but nothing to launch it into greatness. My suggestion: get it used.
Note: The credits are hilarious, shunning all formality. The developers have serious potential, though.

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