chrono trigger "theory" (theory 5 sequel)

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chrono trigger "theory" (theory 5 sequel)

Post  Admin on Sun Jan 18, 2009 6:33 pm

ok this is not going to be a deep theory just a little thing i hope wuold and should happen from what ive seen i believe that there will be a sequel for chrono trigger.I would love that and thanks to some new features and ending videos ive found some things that just scream SEQUEL!!!. *spoiler warning*if you have not ventured in the dimensional vortex and beaten the game for a first time do that first if you dont want anything spoiled

first clue:Ending what (what comes to pass) after you earn the "standard" ending a cutscene is shown to show the ending of everyone. the only real clue in there though is right at the end...Lucca finds a random baby in the woods. most would consider this just a thing to show lucca and what happened to her but the baby has schala's pendant on her neck! and is looks a lot like crono. this is not just unexplained but just wierd and most likely could be giving a hint on the main character fro the know lucca raises it to adult hood and whatever but the quest ? well that is even hinted at!

second clue: Dalton (dimensional vortex *twilight grotto*) well with this new dungeon you strengthen crono and lucca and marle but in crono's part of the dungeon you see Dalton and even fight him! he flees before death with his parting words being that he will raise an army to destroy doan! now there is no more talk about his plot (trust me i spent an hour looking for him in each time period) this shows that the quest in the sequel could be to defeat dalton who is or already has taken rule of the world during the time period in the sequel (most likely crono, marle and lucca would be either dead, too old to fight or just plain missing to fight Dalton.

a third small thing is Magus' search for schala. it is never said if he finds her...maybe you know some light could be shed...

fourth clue:ending number 4 (dream team) ok spoiler for an ending warning its not the new and final ending just an ending that has no real point (just to say it wont ruin anything about the ending it will just say something that one character will say)
anyway when you use the teleporter on the right in NEW GAME+ immediately when you start the game you face lavos in a harder to fight form but once defeated you go to a *undefined non spoiler place* where you can *do undefined non spoiler things* and owhen u talk to one of the producers mainly the one that looks like *an undefined non spoiler person* they ask you "wouldnt it be cool if this game had a sequel?" no matter what you say "yes" or "no" they say back "yeah that would be great" now a producer of the ga-oh just spoiled a little bit i guess you get the point a creator of the game is expressing want for a sequel almost garunteeing a sequel!!

never mind google corrected me but the sequel did not tie the two games together

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