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Post  Admin on Mon Jan 12, 2009 12:45 pm

welcome to the shop what do you want

new character 40$ -own another character

poison mushroom 20$ -opponent looses a level

'shroom 15$ -gain one level in handicap (for next round only)

item 5$ -item of choice is allowed or denied to be played in round

mega mushroom 40$ -you gain 2 levels and ur opponent looses 2
levels for the next 1-2 rounds (results vary)

exp share 100$ - all your characters gain exp for each battle
(exp is halved for non participants)

teleporter 74$ - allows a partner to be used in battle ( works 3 times and the other character must be owned by you)

Character item 56$ -different effect for each character(ex. for mario +5 handicap when facing bowser or fighting with luigi as partner)

Health 20$ -adds the next amount of health

i eventually will get more items so check back soon!

fun facts:

it is proven that the chances that a bomb is on your plane is 1 in a million the chances of 2 bombs being on a plae is 1 to a million times a million so hire your chances and bring a bomb on your next flight.

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