chrono trigger (theory 4 dead man's chest)

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chrono trigger (theory 4 dead man's chest)

Post  Admin on Sun Jan 11, 2009 6:42 pm

ok so Chrono trigger pretty much explains all details regarding the backgrounds of all the characters that you really care about learning about. although there is one thing left unexplained and that is the dead man in the future in the food storage room..

K so there is no real given detail to this man other than the people of the upstairs of the dome talking about a man they sent down there never returning. also the little girl then tells you that it was her father. other than that all other info will need to be deduced..

The man had to have had at least a little bit of an adventure going to the room and that is where i'll begin deducing. the man has a note telling aboutr the rat being more than a statue showing he went the same path you took. he must not have caught it since the note does not tell you what it tells you or what is in the locked room. also this raises the question of how he got past the robot sentry outside the room of food...

There really is no way of telling how but he obviously could not have fought it. this leaves two likely answers to the question and they are he either just ran past it reall fast or the robot was in sleep mode or something at that time not too exciting but something had to happen so yeah...

now when he got in the room he must have excitedly ran to the boxes containing the food and ripped one open finding it rotten. in frustration he ripped them all open hoping for some food which is why all the boxes are open. the only other thing in the room was a seed....full of hopelessness the man sat there waiting for death and starvation to take him so he would not have to share the hopelessness with the people upstairs........

now the story does not really have a real happy ending even i felt depressed writing it but at least it sheds a little light on something commonly over looked

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