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ok so i recently asked a question in which answering no would make no sense the question was did you read this and well i must talk about this in a philisophical sort of way to keep my sanity.

If he would have answered yes then we would be fine but he answered no so you now must read this. If he answered no then he did not read it but if he did not read it how can eh say no? maybe he guessed but that is too boring. I think there is more to this story.....

if he did this it would make no sense i have to go

fun facts:

it is proven that the chances that a bomb is on your plane is 1 in a million the chances of 2 bombs being on a plae is 1 to a million times a million so hire your chances and bring a bomb on your next flight.

88% of people do not join forums in a signature....i did it anyway on other sites

77% of statistics are made up on the spot

50% of you won't READ THIS

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