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Post  IceLemur on Sun Dec 21, 2008 3:30 pm

red mage?

Why is it that there is a red mage, why not a grey mage, wouldn't that make seance, since he can use black and white magics sholdn't black and white make grey? Is the entire red mage clan color blind or something? a more likely scenario is that they rolled a one for artist skill when figuring out their uniform. He can't even use high level black or white magics! What use are they? What does the red mage clan contribute to the mage community? Furthermore, why do they insist on keeping the red robes? Once one of them rolled a natural twenty, sholdn't they have been able to fix the problem? They continue to use an ancient uniform that they don't even understand. Not to mention it has no piratical uses, it screams "look at me, I am in a flimsy red robe and am an ideal target for attack by higher level enemies because I lack the skill to use advance weapons, armor, or spells" it would make far more seance for them to have a cloak of invisibility, so that they could sneak by unnoticed by any enemies, but that would make them too close to a thief class, so they would stop being a red mage, but who cares? They would live! And doesn't the red robe associate them too closely with white mages? Wouldn't that tick off the black mages, who would wipe the red mages from the face of the earth with their superior spell casting ability? And why white hair, more importantly, how? Their is no color die in final fantasy one, so how does a twenty-something guy in his prime get WHITE hair? and doesn't that make them more like white mages? They should be called pink mages if they keep this up. But seriously, how did they get white hair? I can't even think of a scenario where a person in a so-called western tradition community based in the middle ages gets white hair.

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